42 & 57

42 & 57

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Liner Notes: 

I usually spend a lot of time in Sturgeon Bay, WI, and I haven't these days for obvious reasons, so I wrote this song as a way to cope with missing it. 42 and 57 are the highways you take up to the peninsula that then run through Door County.


42 and 57
Head out for the highway
Finally feel alive
My soul is somewhere out there on the yellow line
And the highway leads to heaven
42 and 57

42 and 57
What a way to get away
Love letters in the road signs
Ain't no better way to say
I'll be there by your side by evening time
Crank it to eleven
42 and 57

42 and 57
57 42
babe as long as we're together
and as long as love is true
let's make constellations of the stars in each other's eyes
we'll be so happy up in heaven
42 and 57
yeah we're so happy up in heaven
42 and 57

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the zydeco groove to this track. Tempted to just keep replaying it all evening... Great song.

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Your rubber is in WI but your soul is in LA!
Beautiful genre work and the vocals just keep delighting all the way through. Great job. Catchy as all get out. There's real talent here!
Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my first. Appreciated.

Very fun song, excellent vocals and melody. Love that delivery at 1:14. Cool instrumental choices. Great roadtrip song!

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I'm loving the organ tones you're using on this. And the doubled-up vocals are so effective. A great, catchy song Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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really fun song with dynamite vocals and catchy instrumentation

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This is such a great summer road song. And the zydeco groove is sooo infectious.

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Love the oldies vibe to this, and that accordion adds a cool texture. Fantastic vocals and lyrics!

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How fun! So easy to get into this song. I wanted to sing along right away! The accordion and swingy zydeco vibe is just irresistible, and the classic on-the-road lyrics are catchy as all get out.