sweet hate

sweet hate

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Liner Notes: 

ok. so this is one of the older songs of mine that i recorded during quarantine. it was written 15 years ago but i recorded it for 100/180, and posted it. i think the message is easily as relevant now as it was then.

so if you think it's cheating, stay away!


(c)time and inc 2005

verse 1

comin right through my TV screen/ smilin, jokin, not being mean
repeatin the mantra again and again/ "love the sinner, hate the sin"
with sweet hate.

ev'ry news item seems to fit
when you're trying to prove the world's going to shit
the thing that's always struck me as odd--
why've you gotta hate if you believe in god?
with sweet sweet hate.


sweet hate-- makes the world go round
sweet hate-- the gospel of the proud
sweet hate-- in the clothes of love---
sweet hate. we have had enough of
sweet hate.

verse 2
you've got your party going on
and if the man won't bend then you move on
divide the country right or wrong
you buy the candidates for a song
of sweet hate.

redefine the law of the land
til it's the (god,book) who governs, not the man
still you decide who will get banned
so it's a glorious thing that you fit in the plan
of sweet sweet hate.


------------------------------> SOLO


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Great cello, -- wonderful. Great lyric. I am not sure I ever remember you singing? Your voice reminds me of Axl Rose, -- lucky you, well, -- hah, now that I said hat, hope you think so too.

Cheating? hahhh, stop hanging out with the kool-kids and you won't even worry about it! Smile hahhh -- I don't!

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Some nice instrumentation. Good lyric and a nice understated delivery.