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Liner Notes: 

What's a shut-in? Think of it as the English pub equivalent of Hotel California. Only without all that existential angst.

And I'm back to using Spitfire Audio's "Trumpet Fields" VST from their free LABS series of plug-ins. Huge fun.


It's 3 am and I'm still drinking
I should ask myself, what was I thinking?
There's solitude in every bar
To be on my own I don't travel far
One place I know's just down the street
For somewhere to go it just can't be beat

There's one in every diocese
No finer hostelries than these
Just lock the door, and hide the keys
You'll never hear "Last orders, please!"

To find one, you just need a guide
who can see that your credentials are verified
Long-standing friend or someone new
So long as they can vouch for you
Once through the door, you're on parole
So act like you're a kindred soul

So now it's 4, and I'm not done
This place remains a place of fun
Good beer so cheap you won't believe
Feels like I'm never going to leave
And that might yet turn out to be
I think the landlord's lost the key...

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this song is unique un many ways. at furst u thought ut was about ducking into a church to seep for the nught. eventually u realized ut was an after hours booze club. ut as a completely different feel from that kind of a song, so i still doubt my own interpretation. love the slow deliberate pacingof your vocals, just like the way an alcoholic drinks..

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I read "pub rock" and "dodgy trumpets" and I was like you crazy son of a gun! I'M IN! So I took and listen and wooooooooooooooooooooooow was I not disappointed! Those trumpets are SO dodgy! Your Dr. John vocal tone was intoxicating (I miss him) and this is a song I could hear myself listening to on repeat! I love the vibe, I love the feel, and I love the way it chugs along like a slow, sultry, train of awesome! <3

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This is my kind of slow, jazzy tune. Having played trumpet all through high-school, I really enjoyed those "dodgy trumpets", The piano is pretty sick. Minimalist almost to the extreme. But so effective. Great stuff HFO! I'd love to hear more like this.

See You In The Shadows…

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A great demonstration of how to make a great feature out of a 'bad' sound - which just goes to show it's all about context. The dodgy trumpets really give this track the 'drunk' feel that the lyrics demand.

And as if that wasn't enough, you've introduced people to the concept of the pub shut-in ...

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This is so noir jazz I'm dying. Love Labs and I'm loving this

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I do like your liner notes, i couldn't help imagining the Eagles writing their classic about the Railway Inn, Romford.
An unusual lyric for you and rather original too. Pub rock, whatever happened to that, I remember a time when that was the new exciting genre taking the country by storm. Great to hear some jazz and that tipsy trumpet is pure pleasure.