Open doors - Bebop Ukulele Jazz

Open doors - Bebop Ukulele Jazz

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Liner Notes: 

Trying to see how jazzy I can make a ukulele sound. This was inspired by finding a bebop drum track on GarageBand.

The instruments are a tenor ukulele with a low G string, piano and my old Fender bass.

It's not a finished piece and a lot of it is me improvising on the ukulele.

Had a couple of comments on my first version re the ending and the shortness of the track. As a quick fix, I've made it slightly longer and added a fade out. The chords are based on the circle of fifths progression and I'm still not sure how to get a satisfactory ending and so here is my compromise for the moment.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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some nice playing here. i like the sound of the ukelele in this context. its too short though and ends rather abruptly. i was really getting into it and could have listened for at least another five minutes.

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That's an encouraging comment to receive. Glad you like the piece. I will get going on an extended version and one that ends properly too.

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This is quite lovely and engaging.
Really nice jamming on the uke.
There's a lot of energy in this track.
Yeah, you're really going to town with that ukulele!
I'd listen to an extended version for sure.
Argh, that ending, tho.

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You're the Wes Montgomery of the uke! Very cool. Looking forward to the extended version!

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What a lush session. I wouldn't have guessed that was a ukulele though I've made deceptive use of the uke, myself. The playing on piano, bass, and ukulele all seem like live group synergy, so it's doubly magical that this tracked separately. Pretty far out.

Very cool! Don't hear jazzy uke very often. The uke sounds a little electric, assuming you have a pickup. Very nice piano and bass too.

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The answer turns out... pretty damn jazzy. I like that the drum is very bebop, but the uke is taking a more relaxed approach. The piano/bass is a nice accompaniment. I like that you had build and relax all the way through. The music had great forward momentum.

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It bebops along very bouncy, and a fadeout bouncing out the door is a fine ending, I think!