Go To Him

Go To Him

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks to Chandra83 for letting me use her lyrics to create this song
Chandra's original posting is here - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/42737

Acoustic guitar plus a couple of the fabulous (and free) Spitfire Audio LABS instruments - Soft Piano + Synth Pads


Death calls me
And I reply
I am not one
Who's afraid to die

He takes my hand
As we walk slow
We have a journey
And far to go

Come with me now

So I go with him
And feel his love
Like an angel
From above

Come with me now

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i commented on this as a lyric noticing it was much lighter than most. you have kept it their beautifully.

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Gee the LABS stuff goes well with the guitar! CHandra, this is how I think of a personal Death. Though as I've said elsewhere, Death needs to shut up and wait. But what a gorgeous and accepting and even darkly hopeful song. Another download. Who could resist? Applause!! (and the download--no artist/writer name in the file name! grrrr)

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in an age when death comes for so many so swiftly and without discrimination, she is given a gentler, almost shepherdly, aspect

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I love the contrast between this and a song me and Tim did, called Lord Don't Take Me. This beautiful song leaves you seeing a person who is completely at ease with their next journey, and happily accepting the reward. Not quite the same with Lord Don't Take Me, where I always pictured the person fearing death, and trying his best to convince the "Lord" it just ain't his time.
When my time comes, I hope it is more like this beautiful song that Tim and Chandra have created.

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This is just unbearably gorgeous. Dark and gentle at once. Really love this one.

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Beautiful and yet unsettling all at once. Just splendid, both of you.

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It's quite remarkable the life that death has breathed into these lyrics. Also ironic, at least in a Morrisettian sense.

The slow accompaniment is a perfect match for the spartan lyrics. There's a certain ethereality to the vocal which is perfect for the setting of this piece - which seems not to be on the same plane of existence on which I am listening to it. It variously circles like the chill winds of the upper atmosphere or tumbles like a waterfall feeding into the river Styx. It seems both shorter and longer than its 3 minute span, the briefest flashes of clarity in a dreamlike eternity.

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Already saved as one of my faves. The words. The music. It's almost other worldly.