Toward Home

Toward Home

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2020 07 20 Toward Home

Liner Notes: 


i don't want no problems no more
don't want any trouble today
go out of my way to keep to myself
cabin in the woods would be so great

tired of all the noise the traffic all around
tired of all the tragedy all around
want to get on out get on my way
toward home is the place i want to get

toward home is the place i want to be
after transiting this world of pain and misery
don't need no shally, shanty with water and electricity
is good enough for me

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Cicpisces's picture

Like the electric feel to the instrumentation. Vocal production is cool too. Had a retro feel for me in a good way. Cry for help song I like it

Tim Fatchen's picture

Clever production and a good groove and feel. Why is everyone saying "retro, retro"? is it just to make some of us feel old? Enjoyed this. It's inspired me to pull the Pacifica out!

billwhite51's picture

i always dig your guitar effects. your vocals sound like they have been tortured and squashed by the sounds of human traffic

Fuzzy's picture

Ooh those are some fantastic guitar noises!
I'm loving those vocals for sure.
Yeah, your guitar playing is slightly Fripp-like.
Which is a very good thing.
This tune is really great!
Really nice job here!

Calum Carlyle's picture

pretty cool stuff. bluesy electro prog?
I always like stuff that's original, but this also rocks. Originality isn't its only selling point!