Mystic Music

Mystic Music

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Liner Notes: 

I've been making short little musical bits for the intros and outtros of my online lecture videos. Mostly I've been grabbing period appropriate midi and using the Spitfire Orchestra to make reasonable arrangements...but what do you use for a 20th century analytical philosopher who argued in favor of mystical experience as a legit source of knowledge? (That would be William Alston, in his book Perceiving God & about 93 dozen other papers.) Anyway, that's what this is. Did it quickly, but I think it works pretty well. Smile



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That's a really cool, even quirky song you've come up with here, TomS. Very cool. Wish I were in your lecture now!

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"A TomS song, alright fuzz time!" is what I thought going in so I was pretty surprised. This is a cool little track, feels very academic. I can see it working well in the context you made it for.

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Of course I had to click on that title. This is not what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it a lot. Sounds like something very interesting is coming up right around the corner, what with all the excited dashing about and curlicues and whatnot. I am curious now, just because of listening to this. I’d say that’s an effective bit. Cool instrument choices and inspired use of them. Thanks for posting it here, too.

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Does work well! Definitely an intro, though I'm not so sure about the philosopher. Brings to mind some of the more quirky early Victorian engineers. (NOT Brunel...)

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Wait. You are making teasers and theme songs for your philosophy lectures? That is brilliant in and of itself. This is a lovely, complete, compact piece. It is both complex and almost comprehensible. Is that where you were aiming?

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I'm kinda with @Tim Fatchen; like some kinda strange life sized Victorian clockwork doll or something.