Espero Volver a Costa Rica

Espero Volver a Costa Rica

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Liner Notes: 

My wife, our daughter, and I were scheduled to lead our annual yoga retreat to a very special place in Costa Rica in June. But I know I'll be back.


Espero volver a Costa Rica
algun dia
a la selva tropical
y quedarme en un bungalow rustico

Algun dia volvere
a Costa Rica
y andare en el camino
junto al rio

Seguramente extrano a Costa Rica
este ano
el rancho en el final de camino
a la sombra de las montanas

Algun dia volvere
a Costa Rica
en mi corazon
se que esto es cierto

I hope to return to Costa Rica someday
to the rain forest
and stay in a rustic bungalow

Someday I will return to Costa Rica
and walk on the the road by the river

I sure do miss Costa Rica this year
the ranch at the end of the road
in the shadow of the mountains

Some day I will return to Costa Rica
in my heart, of that I am sure

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Fantastic! I love listening to Spanish and the laid back feel of the melody as you deliver it has a lovely wistful feel about the desire to go to this wonderful place. Thanks too for the English! I hope you will go back soon!

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the mando is beautifully used on this! i can here the audience participation, i can see the swaying. banned for covid time coz it makes yuo want to hug someone Smile really really nice mate

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You've captured a wonderful tex-mex vibe here. Thanks again for the English translation. I would love to hear this with a full band. It would be so much fun.

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Nice little optimistic ballad this one. I love how you are doing a whole brace of songs with the mandolin rather than treating it as a novelty instrument.
Also, nice work with the Spanish, i have a soft spot for non-English language songs tbh.