Vacant Lot

Vacant Lot

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this a few weeks ago but decided to add a bridge and post it. Needs music and vocals


Vacant Lot
© 2020 Cindy Prince

There was a house there once
With a white picket fence
It's been such a long time since
Love lived there

There was a family then
Living out their days
It's changed in so many ways
Now it's bare

It's just a vacant lot
No house now
But the memories live on
It's a sacred spot
I wonder how
So many places have gone

Echoes of voices come through
Listen closely, you'll hear it too

There was everyday life
Holidays and games
Children's carved names
In the stairwell wood

There was laughter there
And a few tears
Living out their years
As well as they could

Repeat chorus

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i like the central image of the vacant lot, as opposed to the overused device of the house we used ti live un.

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That is a wonderful bridge and you create some great images that convey both a past sense of a special place and the memories and feeling of nostalgia and loss so vividly.

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@cindyrella This is really cool. I love the imagery in these lyrics. Would you mind if I put some music to these?

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Thanks, give me a few days. I’ll get back to you