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Liner Notes: 

That Princeton Baccalaureate speech hasn't aged too well, has it, Jeff? I've tagged this with "angry old dude" because I see so much inequality out there these days, that's become pretty much my full-time occupation. And this? When he has workers lying in warehouses injured and being ignored, when other employees are too scared or pressured to take time off sick, this is an obscenity.


But I continue to be having more than a sane amount of fun with Aly James's VPROM VST. Today I discovered how to make the classic LinnDrum "buzz" and of course used it here to excess, because it me.


Whoever profits won't be me
The law won't interfere, that's plain to see
They're selling off the public trust
They'll have their boom while we go bust
He says to stick with what you know;
it's easy come and easy go

They led us to the brink
with song and dance
then tipped us over into hell
I had reserves on hand
for happenstance
I see they've taken those as well
Well, ain't that swell?

What's going on is far from right
He's making billions overnight
The homeless on the streets can starve
He knows that he'll still get to carve
And keep the best cuts for himself
'cause only he can reach that shelf

Turn on the news. See what I mean?
That scale of fortune is obscene
If he won't put it to good use
Is that not blatantly abuse?
He's warped the system to his will
So someone else can pay his bills

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Hey, I LIKED the "buzz"! This is how we get our "10,000 hours" in, right?

I learned some new stuff today, getting harmonies recorded--so now I'll probably "overdo" THAT! Great music bed on this one. Very much enjoyed this!

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I too like the buzz. And sane amounts of fun is never enough. You gotta push the limits when it comes to having fun with music Biggrin This is wonderful song with a real thought provoking message. I really love all the layers of synths & the delicious guitar.

See You In The Shadows…

p.s.: you don't sound grumpy, more like pointing out what should be obvious. Or maybe I'm turning into a grumpy old man too Wink

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Wow! This is incredible, I love the dark tone to the electronic music. Your vocals are great, there is a retro feel to this but it doesn't feel old. I am overwhelmed by how much I love in this song. The arrangement suites the tone of the vocals perfectly. Hell of a great job with this one!