One Friend

One Friend

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One friend stole my money
One friend stole my wife
One friend stole my loaf of bread
and cut it with a knife

One friend stole my future
One friend stole my past
One friend stole three shotgun shels
and tried to make them last

One friend stole my water
One friend stole my land
One friend stole the air I breathe
I cut off both his hands

One friend stole my walking stick
One friend stole my bed
One friend stole my friendship
Now all three friends are dead

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Whoa, that's a dark tale! I really love lyrics like this, because I don't know what they mean. Three shotgun shells...tried to make them last? Love it! It's cool how this floats dreamily along, a sweet lament of sorts

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So dark and good! I think I can almost feel my hands being cut off!

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Melody floats about the accompaniment beautifully, both the melody and the lyrics have a bluesy feel. It's the ultimate hard luck story! Beautifully constructed, works really well, love the weird rather ethereal instrumentation.

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With friends like these, who needs enemies? Ha! Ha! I can why you would like their demise. Good write!!

Jerry Pettit's picture

Jeez, I really liked reading these lyrics before I even started the song. PARTICULARLY good lyrics--nice and simple. Time for some new friends. (Great job!!)

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Great lyrical structure and dark bluesy mood. Very menacing, too, particularly the cutting hands off with a knife stuff!

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Fittingly dark song for the lyrics. A slower more mysterious tone. Some cool additional sounds on this track.

kahlo2013's picture

Ha! I love how this story evolves. Delicious and dark with the seemingly simple lines and spooky sincere delivery. Creepy good!

metalfoot's picture

Dark lyric with a potent and bluesy edge to it. Great writing!

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funny its actually pretty and gentle - against the darkness of the stories - nice big echo sound good! very different!

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You're reaching into my soul on this one.

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I like the structure of the song, with explicit examples on the first three lines of each section, and an action on the fourth. Very effective.