Adios and Au Revoir

Adios and Au Revoir

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Liner Notes: 

I think this could probably work either way if someone would like to do it.


Adios and Au Revoir
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Don't give me no flack
It was you that cheated
A stab in the back
And I won't be treated like that

Don't say a word
You're a total louse
I was there and overheard
You better get out of my house now

What good are promises
When you had no intention
I thought I would mention
What a total ass you are
What good is commitment
When you wouldn't be true
Can't stand the sight of you
Adios and au revoir

Don't start in on me
Like I'm somehow at fault
We will never agree
You're like salt in a wound

Don't beg or plead
I'm over and done
I will never concede
Go after the one you cheated with

Repeat chorus

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And BOOM goes the dynamite. A strident sounding lyric appropriate to the theme.

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good lyric i saw a woman singing to the man - he looking very sheepish maybe slip a line in for him sort of in Cash carter style. nice

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Oh, LOL.....I just posted one with the same exact theme! I like your sophisticated title and all the straightforward names used. You certainly get the point across loud and clear!