Enlightened and Restored

Enlightened and Restored

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Liner Notes: 

The title popped into my head so I quickly wrote it down. Needs music and vocals.


Enlightened and Restored
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I'm restored with my bare feet in the grass
I'm restored seeing a selfless act
I'm restored when I know all the facts
I'm restored

I'm enlightened in a meditative state
I'm enlightened knowing no hate
I'm enlightened standing at heaven's gate
I'm enlightened

I'm enlightened and restored
When hearts are open wide
I'm healing and renewed
When all my tears have dried
I'm enlightened and restored
When I'm in the wild outside
Enlightened and restored

I'm healing when I have a restful sleep
I'm healing when I have treasures to keep
I'm healing when I know my love is deep
I'm healing

I'm renewed with the touch of a child
I'm renewed when I let myself be wild
I'm renewed and often beguiled
I'm renewed

Repeat chorus

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this is lovely, id like to hear what marthie would do with it

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Lovely lyrics. It’s like you’re taking that deep breath aaaaand relax…