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Liner Notes: 

ehhh. Messed about with a load of filters and twiddling virtual knobs on a fairly simple sequenced bass line, and then it became about me building up about 20 different drum/percussion tracks. Don't really know what to do with it. Can't really think of any vocals that would suit it, so if anyone wants to have a play with this be my guest. It is apparently 129.76bpm (?), no idea how those decimals snuck in there but thats what the project file says.



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That's a nice aggressive beat. Like the filter work. Feels a bit dense to take vocals, but it's fine as an instrumental.

What @atitlan said. This sounds complete to me. Fun listen, plenty of new stuff dropping in to keep the attention engaged as the track progresses, and that beat is aggressive and shouty and very much my sort of thing. The understated strings lurking at the back work particularly well. I like it!

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Amazing groove, very cool sounds. Well chosen title, I like how it builds up from being pure rhythm to unfolding a beautiful melody. Enjoyed my listen, except the end is kinda unsatisfying.

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Cool gravity to it. Sell it to TV news, this would be perfect backing for apocalyptic headlines creeping across the screen, a summary of the day's disasters.

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An excellent groove is born out of that intro, and I love the mega-slow filtered reveal of that bassline, and just the way the song opens up generally. Not a big fan of the fade, feel like it needs a better release, but that was probably a 'not sure what to do now' moment which could be ironed out with a collaborator!

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"Honey, the robot maid is glitching out again!"
"Did it put the dog in the oven like last time?"
"No, it's kinda making... weird noises... Should I call the repair service?"
"Well... No... Actually, I sorta like it..."

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Excellent beat / groove and that filtered bass sounds great. I could imagine this with some fun vocal samples used as a kind of hook rather than a traditional vocal maybe, although deciding which vocal samples to use might be just as much work. Agreed with Ad that it kinda fades out when it feels like it could keep developing or have an interesting breakdown or something but definitely would be interested in hearing this expanded to something bigger and longer!

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It feels like a bloc-party-esque electronic affair, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Actually, I could imagine vocals like that working super well. Maybe just use fuzzy's wonderful lyrics though!

Ps. To be clear, this is one of the favourite tracks I've heard so far this 50/90.