Ghost of the past

Ghost of the past

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Liner Notes: 

During the recording the bells from the church next to my house started to ring. I decided to keep them in the recording, let's call them "death bells".
This is a scary tune, don't listen by yourself!


I am the ghost of your past
I keep you up at night
If there’s anything to regret
I make sure you lie awake in bed
I am the ghost of your past

They call me conscience
I don’t know why
I am not evil nor kind
You can’t get me out of your mind
I am the ghost of your past

I am the ghost of your past
I am always there when you sleep
I can talk to the dead
And they tell me how you and them have met
I am the ghost of the past

I am the ghost of the past

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Spooky indeed. Karmic spectres. The fiddle and uke play well together.

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Really like the whispered delivery and sweet music. I wonder if this ghost knows my ghost because they both do the same thing, fortunately not scary but waking me up at 3am or 4am. Maybe they are related.

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Viola for the win!
The whispery vocals are a great idea for the lyric. Love the enunciation.

There's a lot to be said for allowing synchronicity and coincidence into your compositional process. Getting unexpected church bells in your recording is a great example, particularly when you're going for a spooky vibe like this. Oh - and much more strings, please. They sound wonderful!

The loud whispering sounds like it was painful to do. How about dropping a compressor on the mic feed to save your voice? Crank it up and you'll get all sorts of cool effects...

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I like the idea of recording What is. Works for this, very ghostly

Zeekle's picture

Great lyrics, I like the idea of a ghost from your past feeding off of your regrets or pulling on your conscience. Very Twilight Zone. The delivery is perfect.

Kristi's picture

That was entertaining! I especially like the strings in there too. The lyric has a punchy flow to it that works so well with the spooky theme. Nicely done!

wacha's picture

The lyrics have a haunting feel to them which is only made even more so by your performance. I love the arrangement, the ukulele and strings work very well along with the church bells to create a beautiful yet haunting soundscape.

katpiercemusic's picture

Cheerful ukulele and creepy whispering... good combination. The cello was a nice addition.

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Better church bells than the construction my own neighbor has been doing for a week now. I have to record in between hammering and drilling. Sigh...

I DO love that whispered vocal--a nice contrast to the usually cheery ukelele sound. Very nice job!! Sehr gut!

Amanda Rose Riley's picture

Ooh weird, with the ukulele at the beginning I was like, "no matter what the melody and lyrics are, how could a song be scary with a cheerful ukulele strumming?" But something about whispering is very spooky! Interesting combination for sure.

adamh's picture

The whispered vocal with the ukulele together is really eerie and the strings add a nice haunting quality. Also really like the lines
"They call me conscience
I don’t know why
I am not evil nor kind"

cleanshoes's picture

The whispering works to great effect here! Along with the ukulele, it evokes the anxious, half-awake/half-dreaming state that comes with a night of restlessness. Nicely done!