The Other Side

The Other Side

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Liner Notes: 

This one started as a guitar track during this year's FAWM. Fast forward to 50/90 and my collaborator Emma Melissa Saville has written a song over it, and sent me a stack of vocal takes. I am more used to slapping something together from whatever bits i can, but having so many takes meant i had a ton of decisions at every line, bar and note! I am sure i could generate a dozen different mixes of this, and have no idea which one is the best, but anyway, here it is in its current form.

A fair bit of work went into this, for me anyway, and it ended up still sounding like a rough work tape, which is fine, but i would really like it to sound actually good, and this seems to be beyond me, to be honest! A little bit frustrating. Anyway, comments and feedback welcome as always, on any aspect of the song. Hope you enjoy!

And PS, here is a quick solo version I just dashed off in the park, if you're interested:


Out of breath, running
Trying to see, the finish line
You always told me, what doesn’t
Kill you makes you stronger, yeah

Gotta keep on going
Gotta keep on striving
(when it’s two steps forward, one step back)
Darkness turns to light
(you can make it if you try)

At times it gets hard
Hard to see the way, forward to the other side
Gotta trust yourself
That your feet will find, their, way

Too many people look, but see
only the surface, yeah
There’s so much to realise, now we’re
looking through different (eyes)

Keep on going, even when
you've had enough, yeah
'Cos you'll never know, what's easy,
until you've had it (tough)

We wouldn't be growing,
Knowing how far we’ve come, yeah
Let no one bring, you down,
only you know (whatya doing)

Doesn't matter, where you're from
Only where, you're going
'Cos only where you go can
Determine, where you're from

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this has a great collaborative and warm and generous spirit to it- nicely done, all around! great to see you back here, and making music in this crazy time!

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I really appreciate the tone in this one. There's a soaring spirit and optimism you rarely see delivered straight in this day and age. The sweet-and-savoury mix of your voices is very pleasant to listen to, and we get the benefit of both the gentle groundedness of Calum's voice and the bold colours of Emma's.

An enjoyable listen, and the song feels a lot shorter than it is.

Nice tune and great vocal performances. A good contrast between both your singing styles here. I really like the delivery on the "two steps forward" line especially. This is a really good song and the extra effort shows, especially in the fantastic singing!

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what a nice collab and really nice song very enjoyable indeed

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you did a near seamless job of stitching this together from several takes. sounds like two people jamming in a room together

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I listened to both versions and perversely I preferred your live outdoor rendition. That should not have been the case as the double vocal version has so much going for it it's silly. TBH I felt the song ended up swamped by all the good stuff.
It's a fine song which I really enjoyed and you sing it in the park with an easy charm.

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I was warmed by this and it's a message that any person could be inspired by. This is an ambitious kind of song to embrace and I'm glad you gave it the full treatment it deserves. I love the bass guitar, the guitar layering is good, Emma is amazing.

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This is a great collaboration, your vocals work so nicely together. I love the upbeat message of the song and the arrangement has a great, upbeat hook that drew me in instantly. I love the bass line, it creates an amazing groove. Very nice job on this song!

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Fantastic song! Love Emma's harmonies and you've obviously got a great voice, too. I wanted to introduce myself because you played an earlier song of mine "God Sends Some Bears" on one of your podcasts--and I just wanted you to know I've become a fan of your music, too. And Emma!! Smile

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I love the brilliant combo of organic acoustic and soulful groovy-ness. Inspiring song!

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Nice instrumentation and rhythm, good vocals. Very listenable. Enjoyed it a lot.

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It's interesting to hear about your process. Personally I hate having to make all those little decisions; I need songs that write themselves or I get frustrated.

Anyway, this sounds like a coherent song to me. There's a lot going on on, and tons of great hooks. There's a lot of great-sounding guitar in my left ear. I'd love to hear more of that in a future version. Around 4:55, when you are just jamming it out, that guitar comes to the fore. I like that a lot. It's nice to have a little room for the instruments there

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I really like the organic unfiltered live feel of sounds great and is such a strong combined performance of an exceptionally good song!

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Your song sounds beautiful. Very heartwarming duet and collaboration. Very enjoyable listen. I like the fresh feel. Love is in the air...

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I listened to the solo version on your Instagram because I tend to enjoy that, I love the upbeat positive lyrics great to hear in a time like this (and anytime really), the interesting chord choices and your voice (reminds me of Brandon Boyd from Incubus).

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Love the duo vocal, you two sing well together! A wonderfully positive and hopeful vibe in both the lyric and the music. I enjoyed listening!

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So much wonderful here. But the harmonies take it out of the atmosphere. Well done.