End of the Dirt Road

End of the Dirt Road

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Liner Notes: 

I've broken out the mandolin!


Way down at the end of the dirt road there’s a place
I go there to say a prayer and feel a little grace

Way down at the end of the dirt road I got a friend
he’s a man with a plan and a helping hand to lend

Dirt road’s a-callin’ me
I once was blind and now I see
to me it looks like it’s paved with gold
That bumpy, dusty, holy dirt road

Dirt road’s a-callin’ me
I once was blind and now I see
that little shack, my heaven-on-earth abode
on that bumpy, dusty, holy dirt road

Way down at the end of the dirt road’s where I’m bound
Got good walking shoes and I know good news is waiting to be found
I once was lost, now that dirt road I’ve found

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Youve come back to the well with that Mando. I like how you use it, the same when you do banjo, its different to most. I Also like that off beat in this, all adds up to a nice song.

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Another keeper! The percussive style reminds me of the bumps at the end of so many dirt roads.

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The guitar provides the earth, the mandolin the sky. Immersively atmospheric, in a toe-tapping sort of way. Full of colour and flavour and a treat for the ears.

-'s picture

This was immediately a bop! I immediately started tapping my foot! The instrumentation was catchy and fun! I loved the lyrics too lol I’d love to have a friend at the end of a dirt road! Smile

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very good varuations on the durt road theme. u love the rhythms on both theguitar and mandolinm and you make something original using traditional images.

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Wow! this is spectacular....Wordsmith said it quite well....truly a very atmospheric piece with the taps/knocks and great rhythm and plunking on that mandolin! sounds great! Keep that mandolin handy Wink Havent listened to all of yours yet, but this might of gave me more joy than your accapella one about the new mic, a high bar! Smile This started my day great!