Sittin on the Fence

Sittin on the Fence

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Liner Notes: 

This was an exercise in using different note lengths for the same phrase to see how it changes the meaning. I used "sitting on the fence".The keyboard was a couple of quick passes linked together, has mistakes but I'm leaving it in there just for the sound and moving along.


sittin on the fence
sittin on the fence
sitting on the fence

something caught my eye
in the periwinkle sky
the glinting of a plane
the moment passed me by

i could never be so sure
all the thoughts that i've ignored
could be another life
if i would choose a side
but i'm sitting on the fence

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When teaching early primary writing, we teach kids how to write "small moment" stories about a small, specific event in their lives. This is a great example of a small moment story... with larger meanings underneath.

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This actually played after i listened to your fun song and i checked who it was as i really liked it. Great short poignant lyric. Ductapeguy sums it up well. A really nice song.

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Really cool melody! The sustained notes give it a neat feel, especially the repetition in the beginning. Short and sweet, I like how it unfolds.

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Very strong vocals, almost makes me think of some French songs from the 50s and 60s (Brel or Aznavour) in its melodic form. Enjoyed this!