Fake IT

Fake IT

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Liner Notes: 

In the Slack chat we were discussing and encouraging entries for the Fake It challenge. In the discussion I accidentally instead typed Fake IT (as in Information Technology) and a song idea was born. Mashing that idea up with the Out of Comfort Zone challenge using drum loops and EDM MIDI generated sounds and well, at least its only two minutes long.


remove chords
Fake IT

From setting up a token ring
To making lightning
Connect to HDMI
Avoiding frustration
College degree in engineering
Career change from bureaucratic paper pushing
I’m fake IT
Based on my little knowledge and internet research qualifications

Running ethernet and coaxial cables
Footlong masonry bit drilling connecting through walls, doors and under tables
Maintaining wifi
Plugging plumbing holes
Shooting in the caulking
Meshed with a coat of spackling
Fake IT making electrons fly
Playing so many roles

Fake IT
Fixer of many things out of necessity
Fake IT
Holding it together under siege
Fake IT
A resident jack of all trades like Bruce sings
Fixer of everyting
Fake IT

Connections work miraculously
Chalk another notch up for me
Surfing the internet
Avoiding the hackers
Another night they’re watching netflix
While I write through rotating family pics
I’m still Fake IT don’t forget
It’s either me or pay for repairs

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Comfort zone or not its good. I liked it. I saw the tags and went wooah! Andy go for it!

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This song alone makes you smarter then 65% of the people out there with a line of certifications in their e-mail signature

I am so glad you stuck with the typo because lo and behold, here's a classic for anyone who has ever worked in tech support to nerd out to. Oh yes, I feel your pain. I've been there. Best IT support story I can offer you? Well, back in the days of the original Microsoft Mouse, I visited one office where every single mouse had stopped working. Somebody had stolen the little rubber balls inside them that were used to detect tracking...

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What an amazingly fun song-- deffo not your usual style, Andy but you've made this genre your own.

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Oh, this is a new sound for you! I like it! It's like you are bringing a mashup of David Bowie and Pink Floyd to the millennium! Well done!! Smile

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Ha, this is not my genre either, but I definitely found it entertaining to listen to! There was so much going on it's impossible to get bored. And cool/fun song idea you picked up there.