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little humans flying on little wings
made of peace and love and some more of those things
be a bird grow a beard in the sky
be a stone make all rolling stones cry

open up your chakras move with the plants
party on main street seduce all the cops
infinity is calling for more

big animals sing from afar
preserved in goblet jars
be a fish in a wave in the sea
be a son of a yellow submarine

now is the time here is the place
to play together in space
be a forest spring water our eyes
be a market full of spice

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Great guitar. It's got a hint of the Beatles in the sound and then you add 'yellow submarine' in the lyrics! The final chord is excellent. The lyrics are very creative and really need to be listened to several times. This is a very complete and deep song.

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I love the lyrics especially, for some reason, “party on Main Street seduce all the cops”. Your voice and delivery remind me of Texas-born James McMurtry. Are you really from Bulgaria? This is a song I could listen to over and over again. Great job!

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This is great, I love all the classic rock references and your delivery. Might be fun to add a contrasting part or chorus that keeps with the esoteric feel and the psychedelic free association lyrics you've got going on. Groovy. : )

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I would say i like your style, but its styles never sure what comes next but its always entertaining, not least this! Nice minimalism but says enough.

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the guitar reminds me of donovans season of the wittch, but the song doesnt. the lyrics have a pete brown quality.

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I really like your acoustic guitar playing here. Such a cool vibe and rhythm. And your vocal delivery matches up with it very well. What great mind-blowing lyrics! Can't decide if they're deep or wacky or somewhere in between. Dacky? Weep? There's a touch of Dylan in here somewhere, too, I think. I feel like I've gotten high from just listening to this.... Anyway, just such a cool and interesting song.

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Really nice guitar playing and singing. These lyrics are exactly the type of thing I love ("grow a beard in the sky" is great!). BTW, check your e-mail - sent you our collab song.