China Shepherdesses

China Shepherdesses

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Liner Notes: 

I think this is a great lyric by my lights. Maybe it should be posted as lyric only, but I wanted to get ideas down for future me. This was going to be a scratch track. I just threw the mic out there and tried to capture the essence of the thing, expecting to record some atmospheric electronic music over it. Eventually I could see this as a long song, a sort of round. Instead of spitting those words out so quickly, I thought I would wrap the lines around so they overlapped. In my dream world it would sound like something from Destroyer's Kaputt album.


Bombers need bombs
Not ceramic shepherdesses
Loggers need logs
Not owlets ensconced in their nests
Cathedrals need walls
To keep up their bargain with God
Bombers need bombs
Not ceramic shepherdesses
Cathedrals need walls
Not endless vistas
Dresden at dawn
Is not the Dresden of dusk

Where delicate hands [hold] a paintbrush
Gambolling lambs [grow] fat on china grass

Bombers found bombs
And bombs found their way to the ground

Where delicate hands held a paintbrush
The sun now scatters light through smoke and dusty air

A ravaging beauty
But sunrise needs eyes to be fair

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Gosh! This is a whole world of music and thinking in a short song. It's very enjoyable to listen to and has so many ideas contained in it. Great work.

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Delicately played and sung. Intriguing lyrics. Remembering any lyric whilst playing and recording is a win to me.

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This is a lot in a little. I will need to read those lyrics again. It is delicate but deep as well. Ceramic, matching Dresden matching bombs and the collision of beauty and war. Really good stuff.

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What a lovely guitar part and what wonderfully intriguing lyrics! Way back in the mists of time I saw “Slaughterhouse Five,” and this took me back to a particularly wrenching scene in which an American POW picks up an undamaged china figurine from the rubble of bombed-out Dresden. Wonderfully evocative piece!

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Really nice low-key performance. Lyrics enigmatic, but yet the meaning comes through (I assume it's about things destroyed by bombs). I love "cathedrals need walls to keep up their bargain with God."

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This is great, even as it sits, short, concise, and good and thought provoking, I is a great lyric... I think as a longer song, not necessarily music-wise go nuts! but if lyrically were drawn/spaced out maybe something could be lost? I dunno just me thinking out loud.... I like the quick delivery...those loggers finding their logs Wink
Great tune!

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I heard the demo that resulted from this first but was curious. It's impressive how you transformed this intimate acoustic performance into a rave in the slaughterhouse. Both are good and I like the "bargain with God" line.

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Listened to both versions of these great lyrics. Right now I like this more but I understand your will to sketch out different versions of it. Great stuff

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Intrigued to hear the other version, I'm enjoying that your songs seem to be grouped to best suit my catch-up listening this year. This first draft is really impressive, the guitar part has a subtle intrigue to it and lets the lyrics take centre stage.