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Liner Notes: 

Not sure if it's the rain or a recent dream but I felt like writing a dark one today.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

I've made my own bars
I've made my own cell
I'm locked in the dark
I'm stuck here in hell

I've made my own truths
I've made my own lies
Hiding the darkness
That's behind my eyes

I'm in prison
That I have made
I can't break out
I am afraid
There is a lock
But I don't have a key
I think I'm afraid
Afraid of me

What is courage?
I don't know
Because my darkness
Won't let me go

I've made my own demons
I've made my depths
I can never break out
Without taking one step

I've made my own monsters
I've made my own rage
The walls are closing in
And I'm trapped in this cage

Repeat chorus

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This is really good. The words just jump out asking to be sung. The idea of making your own prison is very interesting. 'Afraid of me' is very dark and deep.

Wonderful! Strong verses, chorus, and bridge. Very relatable in these Covid times.