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Liner Notes: 

This track was made entirely with Propellerhead's iphone app Figure. It has 3 tracks. Bass, lead, drums. A bunch of 16 bar pieces were made for this and then all stitched together in Acid pro 7.

For the curious: (it's free!)

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I have to say this is probably one of, if not my absolute, favorite things I've ever heard from you. It's so different but still you, you know? Parts of it remind me of Boss Fight, other parts surprised me, and you kept it interesting, flexible, and everchanging all through the 6+ minutes, Mr. SMS. I love it Andy. You did such an epic and amazing job with this. <3 THIS is the stuff that makes me such a huge fan of yours.

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Got up and started dancing each time the rhythmic beat entered in. Some wonderfully different sounds in there I really like. I could picture dancing to this on a large dark dance floor with laser lights flashing in all directions as a smokey mist is emitted into the air from sources unknown. Maybe even a large circuit TV screen in the background with out of this world visuals from the cosmos or some sort of art design that keeps changing shapes and colors.

Very stimulating to listen to.

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Held my interest all the way and left wanting more. Love how the different effects drop in and out. Amazing that this is only three tracks.

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I really like how anticipation is created in beginning