Rise up and praise

Rise up and praise

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Liner Notes: 

I left enough space for echoes to happen if it is sung in a group. I simplified the words significantly- repeating lines and word phrases. And left end notes open voweled so it can be hold longer for group singing.


Rise Up and Praise
© 2020 Cindy Prince

1. To the least of us
To the best of us
To the largest ones
To the smallest ones

Pre-chorus: God sees everything
In gratitude we sing

Rise up, Rise up and praise
I lift- my heart in song
All day and all night long
Praise God in every way!

God knows my heart,
He knows my soul
takes care of me
and my trouble
God is always there
God will always care

2. To the newborn child
To the old aged mind
To the needy ones
To the giving ones
Pre-chorus: God sees everything
In gratitude we sing

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Powerful! Your voice has such a rich quality to it that really adds to this song. I’m seriously surprised this is a zong because it’s so catchy and sounds great. Happy 50/90ing!

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Excellent! Love that you left room for an echo! It's beautiful and he will love it! Thank you!

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You know...if 5090 was nothing but Cindy lyrics and Marthie vocals I'd still stop by pretty much every day. Marthie, you still amaze me how you get novel "rhythm" and melody to the lyrics--I tend to just follow beats and chord notes. Another super-great collaboration, ladies!

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Lovely work, Marthie, with Cindy's solid lyric. Nicely done!

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I read Cindy's words first - and what a musical treatment! Dramatic and soulful and soul-stirring. The call-and-response vocal takes me to church!

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Oh, very nice, you two. Smile I love the simplicity of both the lyric and the musical & vocal treatment. Can certainly hear it being sung, though, with a full backing choir.