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Liner Notes: 

Another one take ... bit rambly.


Everyday is just the same
They’re blurring in to one
I get up at 7 o’clock
Sit at my computer
Try not to daydream about something else
More fulfilling than work
Can’t read the news…
Cos that’ll make me feel worse

These days of lockdown
I don’t understand how we’re getting out
These days of lockdown
Guess I’ll have to adapt

The vultures are circling around the jobs
Managers jostling for position
Trying to justify their worth
My own, he’s pushed his disciple out the door
Now he’s coming for the rest of us
in the name of “efficiencies”

These days of lockdown make no more sense
Than when I was in the office every day
I’ve seen it time and time again
The rich want to control everything

Don’t affect their bottomline.

All the shops are closing one by one
They blame it on footfall
Come on government! give us the green light
To send the fucking rug rats back
That’s right they can take the tube
They can get on a packed bus
Doesn’t matter when you’ve got a limo driver
And ya take the car

“I told you that I speak for the common man”
The politician lied through all of his teeth, again
Don’t understand why’re we put up with after all this time
We’re all getting kicked to kerb one way or another
Get the mortgages lined up
Fill the bankers pockets
Help the bottomline.
“I need my stocks to go up…. Fuck all y’all”

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Works well as a cri de coeur about the lockdown. Lots of energy, as anger. There's an interesting melody in there too.