Who Am I Without You?

Who Am I Without You?

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Liner Notes: 

This piece is to be performed by four characters who have lost their father/husband. In the action they will robotically perform the same functions (sleeping, making something to eat, smelling the deceased's article of clothing, looking at photo albums etc.) while moving slowly around the set like zombies, crossing paths but not noticing each other as if they are the only one there.


I inspect the closet for a lasting sign of you
I unpack the shirts you wore but there is nothing new
I count the seconds, minutes, hours since you’ve been gone
The day drags on forever
But still it hasn’t been that long

I go rushing down the street past buildings dark, unknown
The pavement shifts beneath my feet, loud silent graves of stone
And I awaken in my bed and know I am alone
And I awaken to the truth
That you are really gone
Who am I without you?

I awaken to the sun and know I’ll live another day
I crawl back into my bed and wish the sun would go away
I count the second, minutes, hours, days we had to love
Memories of the months and years
But they were not enough
Who am I without you?

Years will come and years will go and I’ll go on without you
But who I was and who I am will always be about you

I see your face inside my face
I feel your love within my heart
I know as long as I’m alive
There will always be a part of you
Alive in me

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Oh, this will work so very well in a musical theatre setting. Powerful words and the dark and haunting melody to the verses really catches the ear.

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"Who am I without you?"

This is the question. This is the essential tension that must be resolved. Don't let the story end here; answer that question with more songs!

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Very cool song for theater, good melodic lines, powerful lyric, and the harmonies at end gave a real emotional punch. Nice job.

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I can definitely imagine this pretty impactful moment in a musical. It's heartbreaking to hear and read. I know a family that has experienced this moment. Beautifully rendered, Lori.

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You've got some grabber lines and your lyrics have strong emotion in them that hold my interest and attention. The soundtrack has a theatrical and haunting feel to it. I can picture the characters emerging on the scene with each added vocal.

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My favorite lines :I awaken to the sun and know I’ll live another day; I crawl back into my bed and wish the sun would go away." It's not too often I wish the sun away.... but there have been a few moments in my life... and it's been when important people in my life have left the earth. Authentic pull to the heart's emotional loss. Well done.