Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass

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Liner Notes: 

A little late, but I try to not miss Corinne's Sunday skirmish!
I wrote the song during the skirmish time and was finally able to record a couple hours later. I've gotten out the mandolin (first time since last 50/90) and I'll be keeping it out for a while, I think.


He lies in the shade under a tree
I work in the sun and he watches me
He ain’t afraid neither am I
we both agree we see eye to eye

That snake in the grass

He’s shiny and black about three feet long
there in the yard we both belong
Some are afraid think he’s up to no good
He’s my best friend in the neighborhood

That snake in the grass

Way back in the Bible, snake set a trap
Ever since then, they got a bad rap
I’m here to tell you no need to fuss
Maybe it’s them who don’t quite trust us

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nice one! and great to hear the mandolin! love that percussive way you play it. this is a fun tune- i picture you going into 'samson and delilah' right after, to complete that biblical blues .

I went in a different 'snake' direction with my skirmish for this, and its really interesting to hear how everyone handled this interesting prompt.

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Nice! I often do talk to snakes and I love snakes songs. Love the mandolin!

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Cool song. I bet a bunch of kids would love to sing along with the refrain. Nice work.

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Yup i must get the mando out, been a bit slack. Nicely done. Plenty of real snakes in the grass here, more real but others as well.

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mandolin sounds great! really cool groovy rhythm and tune!
first to admit I'm terrified of them.........and yup they are all up to no good! get off my grass! hahaha
There's very few around here that aren't highly poisonous I leave the little green fellas alone Smile

Intereting side fact a lot of the rattlesnakes have quit using there rattles in the last 10ish or so years enough so the muscles have atrophied and some aren't even born with them anymore, mostly due to the wild boars(a new in the last 15ish years nuisance) that don't care about being bit, the rattle was just like ringing a dinner bell for them. anyway, great tune! really enjoyed it! hah!