The Crime Of Loving

The Crime Of Loving

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Liner Notes: 

The piano part was the basis of my forth song Baggage. However when I tried the guitar part, I just had to speed it up and it evolved into this.

Tried to set a few false tempos to trick you. The real tempo is 170bpm all the way.

The lyric came from a documentary on Frank Sinatra. Not as such, but when they mentioned Ava Gardner, I remembered reading His Way about 25 years ago. The completely obsessive, can't live with you, can't live without you, thing they had and then to seal the deal, an advert of Elizabeth Taylor's bio showing Richard Burton appeared. What else could I do, but try writing about that love/hate thing. Threw a few cliches together and here we are.


The Crime Of Loving
Music and Lyrics by Mark M Scullion © 2020

Honestly, where will we draw the line,
To separate, you and I, from the crime.

The crime of loving far too much.

Now you and I, have hate and I don't know why,
Shouting out things, as we curse goodbye,

The crime of loving far too much.

I know we're both frustrated
I know it's complicated
What once was intoxicating
Is now the suffocating

Crime of loving far too much.

The crime of you loving me,
The crime of me loving you,
The crime of loving,
The crime of loving

Far too much

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Wow, what a startling moment -- in a good way -- when the guitars come in! I had to listen to the song a second time just because of that; it really surprises but it does work quite nicely. Once the song gets underway, the changes are nice and your vocal is lovely. Really a very competent piece overall!

If there's a weak point here, it's the title and lyrics, which I'm not so sure about. On reading the title "The Crime of Loving" I couldn't help but instantly start mentally formulating jokes about sexual assault, but THAT'S NOT FUNNY and I am a bad person and blame myself, not you.

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Whoa! The 20 sec mark when the guitars come in On top of the delicate piano blow me away! Great pop feel and wonderful lyric. Such a cool hook and the whole lyric feels so relatable and insightful. Great song!

Awesome arrangement, this song has a unique feel. The chugging guitars with the slower drums are cool along with the keyboards in the back. Great chorus. It starts out really nice but once the guitars come in it really gets your attention.