Candyland Dreams

Candyland Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

This started out as music for the previous song baggage. Had to abandon that plan. Called it Candyland Dreams from 3 different tv adverts about candy holidays and beds. Started to write the lyric and it became the saddest lyric I've ever written.

I think it's based on those tv films that show on weekday afternoons. Except I forgot the happy ending. Oops.

Could be seen as a bit corny and it needs refined, the vocal is 1st take with lines chopped out for backing vocals.
I may also have unwittingly written a lyric for that country song I've always wanted to write. Alas I don't think I do country.

Not sure the mid 12 fits, too funky, will try to tone it do. Sorry for delay.


Candyland Dreams
Lyrics by Mark M Scullion © 2020

When you were daddies little girl
He filled your head with tales of fun
He told of lands with chocolate trees
Milkshake rivers and candy fields
He kissed you goodnight and left you to your Candyland dreams

When you came home from school,
That day your parents went their separate ways,
You stayed with mom,
When dad moved away to a great new job, so far away
He kissed your head and said I'll see you ever night in your Candyland dreams

Proud dad was driving down on graduation day,
When he didn't show, grandma asked you to be brave,
You drove to see him in a town not far away
Laying in a bed with tubes and wires everywhere
You kissed his head and softly said I'll see you again tonight in my Candyland dreams

You held his hand until the end
Before he passed he said
Now your a woman of the world
Go live life now, go live your life now

Don't cry my little girl, Don't you worry about me
I'll see you every night in your Candyland dreams

Oh oh don't cry my little girl
Oh oh don't cry little girl
You'll always remember me
I'll see you every night in your Candyland dreams

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I found the story compelling and the song worked pretty well to me. Nice job.