Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass

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Liner Notes: 

Love the summer heat. Wink


We’d sneak out of the house
As often as we could
Didn’t matter if we got caught
Or if we should

We were exploring
Our bodies and our minds
Not worrying if this was
The tie that binds

I’d joke that you were my snake in the grass
Prayed that life didn’t catch up with us too fast

Oh those long hot summer evenings
Under the oak trees and the stars
Our long shadows intertwined
Counting and creating scars

Oh the warm breeze blowing through us
The lanky grass swaying in time
For a very brief moment
I was yours and you were mine

Time has a way of passing
I blinked and you were gone
I went my way, you went yours
Didn’t take long

Years and years later
We bumped into each other
Reminisced about how we
Once were lovers

Remember how I’d joke you were my snake in the grass
I wish that life hadn’t caught up with us so fast

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nicely done! alot of great lines here.. 'counting and creating stars', and the whole setup and 'life catching up with us so fast'. Ah, time goes quick. nice work!
i went in a different 'snake' direction - interesting how everyone did a different take.

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This is nice and sweet!, but not sickeningly(to me) so really great job!
I was only halfway waiting for another grass/ass line......listening, didn't read lyrics ahead of time Wink
......joke snake in the that joke bit me in the ass hahaha
Really well done!

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What a sweet and unexpected interpretation of the skirmish prompt! Lovely!

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A lovely reminiscence. I never thought of "lanky grass" but it does get that way. Good skirmish

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I love the melody on the first line of the prechorus.That's gorgeous. And I like your take. It's a refreshing one from most of the others.

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This is a really wonderfully nostalgic song that perfectly captures those early summers of love where we did explore the bodies and minds of one another. You capture it brilliantly - including the speed at which those short intense relationships came went and the fondness we will always hold for those people and the memories. Beautifully melody and music too! Lovely in all respects!

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This seems very validating and full of mature gratitude, as much as it is a nostalgiac look backward. So well composed, too. And wow, that second line of the chorus that drifts gently upward is light and beautiful and seems full of love. I love the way you incorporated the prompt into the story; very clever skirmishing!

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Great job creating a snap shot into a life. The lyrics really made me feel like I was watching a movie, I love all of the lyrics but "Counting and creating scars" I just love that line. Very nice job on the arrangement, it really highlights the tone of the lyrics.