Sue! Get Me A Pepsi!!

Sue! Get Me A Pepsi!!

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Liner Notes: 

Fuzzy here -

@Adnama17 sent me this drum track a while ago and I was saving it for the perfect occasion.

This is that occasion.

I personally do not drink Pepsi.

Mixed for headphones, of course.

Adnama17: Coincidentally, my mom's name is Sue. Mwahahahahaha! I love this. <3

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The brilliance of this track is that it's hilarious and it has a solid groove but it's seriously theatrical. This took me somewhere and I liked it. It could be because my mom's name is also Sue but it had a strange effect. Am I imagining a Kids in the Hall sketch? A dark, off-broadway, biographical one man show? Did he get his Pepsi?

Great drum tones/playing.

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This is like a contemporary American reinterpretation of WAITING FOR GODOT, as a musical.

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Very nice. Unrequited love between a man and his Pepsi. Familiar.

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Sue! Sue! This works waayyyy too well, and I'm totally digging what I hear. This has inspired me to try my hand at your style, fuzzy. I don't think I'll nail it like you can, but I'll try it nonetheless.

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Very theatrical and bizarre. But isn’t this exactly what Don Van Vliet used to shout out when he lived at home? Sue being his mother. Which gives this a whole new significance and being a true believer in the Captain makes me view this as a tribute

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Hilarious ...and I like the sparse guitar and drum track! Reminiscent lyrically of "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies.

I'm a preferer of Pepsi. This was a really amusing tracks, the drums are really awesome here. Some great fills and groove. The epic narrative is also funny, I love when the drums stop and we get a "Gosh I sure am thirsty" or something.

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Ha ha! A simple, unique idea that works quite well!

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That one had me cracking up. I love how you use the drum breaks.

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Ha! I'm a bit hard pressed to say why I like this so much, but man, I do. Perhaps it's that it's easy to imagine any number of scenarios surrounding the situation, and the music adds great punctuation.

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LOL! Now I want a Pepsi (& like you, I don't usually drink them).

The drums mixed with the shouting is just great. It reminds me of a Kids In The Hall sketch. I could see them doing something like this.

See You In The Shadows…

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Hahaha nice, totally sounds like a moment in a band practice

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I think a lot about this song, now days. I think of Pepsi as a general cheap thrill or strange indirect feeding of gratified attention seeking, now. Thanks for that.

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Ha! I don't know what it is about this, but I find it so freaking compelling! You get the idea within a few seconds, but you just have to keep listening until the end.

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I think I need a Pepsi too now Wink Great branding! hahah I usually can't stand the stuff.

This worked amazingly well Smile Now to find a Sue to yell at and see if it works!

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It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?
I think Sue is off to Trinidad.
Endless optimism is not always founded.
Another fine collab from you two! Radio theater renaissance.

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This is great, but if we are talking about pepsi products, cherry pepsi is superior

This is genius! Inspiring, like RV by faith no more... Need up my game since this is great! The concept of wanting the Pepsi with Sue conveniently not hearing... ;p