The Death of Kings

The Death of Kings

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Liner Notes: 

Another song inspired by the current apparition of Comet NEOWISE.

But I'm really struggling health-wise at the moment. I had to go away and come back to this one another day, and I'm still not happy with the vocals.

Nevertheless, I continue undaunted and I've been having lots of fun with Aly James's Linn Drum emulation. I have discovered Prince's snare sound, so of course that had to be thrown in to the mix...


An omen in the sky revealing things
A judgement from on high; the death of kings
A thing that signifies what fate shall bring
It's time we threw our hat into the ring

It's time for close inspection
of what it means
Will it be re-election
or guillotine?

We pay attention to the lies on our screens
We know he's out to win by any means
And though we mock the way he pouts and preens
He knows the law has yet to intervene

We stand as players on a global stage
Our leading man continues to rampage
Now we have children living in a cage
Whatever happened to our golden age?

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Love this unmistakable drum sound. Dark lyrics indeed. Get well soon

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I like that arp in the chorus. That drum sound's a bit familiar ...

The comet's associations proved a pretty deep well of inspiration hasn't it? Another nice dark track.

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Oh, well done, Sir! That atmospheric guitar at 2:20 slayed me! Sweet! I like this a lot!

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Your tag is completely correct, this is a Big Production. Everything fits together very well and yes the guitar is really outstanding. Insightful lyrics.