They Called Her Witch

They Called Her Witch

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Liner Notes: 

First I watched an old Bewitched and then saw an old photo of an old lady who looked like a witch.


They Called Her Witch
© 2020 Cindy Prince

She lived alone
Seldom was seen
They say she was strange
And oftentimes mean

Her curtains were drawn
Her shutters too
Didn't want staring eyes
Watch what she'd do

They called her witch
And weird old crone
Cunning jinx
So well known
Not just in the town
But far and wide
Nobody understood
Nobody tried

If anyone had pain at all
They'd swear it was her voodoo doll

She'd cook up potions
Used spells and more
So nobody in town
Would go to her door

The only time she was seen
Was at the full moon
Only at midnight
And never at noon

Repeat chorus

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Sounds almost like those scary stories we told as kids. Old Mrs jones at 43 etc. nice one.

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This is a fantastic, you pulled me in and I felt like I could see her. Excellent job, very nice set of lyrics!