Hell's Bells

Hell's Bells

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Liner Notes: 

many people would rather believe in strict cartoonish concepts of eternal torment in a burning hell than contemplate the myriad possibilities of existance oustide of that which they currentlly inhabit, even non existance is more palatable to some than the idea of the continuation of life in any form other than the one they currently assume.


Hells bells Spin round in spells A curse For better or worse
Better to bear the trouble of the day
Than fly to others and lose your way

All the outstretched arms of those you have harmed
Take the pictures off the shelf Take a look inside yourself

Hells bells Ring in the Wells A song The whistle tells
Of a meeting at the appointed hour
With a strangler in the haunted tower

Imagine the most infernal Torments of torture eternal
And you wont be so terrified of roads taken by those who have died
Better to imagine an imaginable burn
Than a trip to wild countries from which there is no return

Hells bells Fear sells Whatever comes next I wish you well

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The way you’ve applied the delay adds a creepy otherworldly feel to it. Kinda gives that feeling of things being distorted and creepy.

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I love the concept of this unknown and the hook rings through well. The echo/delay effect works perfectly to create a swirling uncertainty that engages the imagination. Well imagined and executed!

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Nicely psychedelic! Sounds like it's right out of the 1960s. Dark and delicious lyrics!

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That's a cool sounding track. The delay on vocals is great - as is the repeated 'Hell's Bells ...' start to lines.

Maybe a touch of The Doors about it.

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Interesting liner notes, and how you change the very basis of atheism around here, by suggesting fear of any existence other than hell or nothing is what scares people. That feeds into the lyrics in a really interesting way. I'm not sure I can separate how interesting the idea of the song is from the song, which sounds great.

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I have to admit I first thought the title was Hells Balls! Anyhow love the dark feel and subject!

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Sung like a dead rock star, and I'm going for Jim Morrison.
It's always comfortable to settle down with a set of beliefs and the more comfortable you get the more resistant you are to change.
A stoned 60s sound with the reverbed vocal and the guitar penetrating the haze in my head. Great stuff

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Yes one of the great imponderables. I guess it doesn't matter what you come up with as long as you can live with it, or i guess die with it. I just see it as the next great journey but not sure how, if I'm wrong and its nothing, well ill never know! Dark and deep that matches this well.

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Yesterday I toured the part of Portland that's the site of the ongoing theater between federal police and protesters, and there was one of those preachers with a microphone offering his cartoonish vision of hell. It struck me as the religion of the hostage taker, very far from the message of Jesus. I'm digging your performance here, though this one would be great with a full-on rock band arrangement. That last line made me chuckle

Guess whatever comes first. All religions have some bells ringing around their hells. For every season Lol

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Guess I was lucky. I rarely ever heard about hell in my church growing up. I came out of it with the distinct impression that hell was sort of dealing with the crap you did or didn't do in life, so the important thing was to do good in life. I like your use of reverb and echo to create an atmosphere in this one.

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I was immediately reminded of the morose and unapproachable place that magic mushrooms seem to conjure in the imagination. I wasn't surprised by the liner notes after having listened to the song and read the lyrics, rather, it confirmed some strange thoughts. This is very cool.

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"Better to imagine an imaginable burn"...now that's good! Hafta say, I think a lot of people are either going to be hugely surprised after death. And if they're not, well, doesn't matter!. I wish I could "wish you well" to everyone but there's some I can't bring myself to. Getting old and cranky, I guess. [EDIT] Forgot to say, like the music and the lead guitar work. Time I picked up a real guitar (but the CBG is soooo easy...)