Muscle Man's Biggest Fan

Muscle Man's Biggest Fan

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Liner Notes: 

I had the idea during a very nice day at the beach. Thanks to @phoenixash for the lyrical contribution.


go go superheros go
get the bad guys
save the bros

let's go to the picture show
see the sequel to the prequel
to the remake of the reboot
of the T.V. show, baby
I wanna see my hero
kick and punch, cause I'm a
superhero sponge

I can't wait to see muscle man
on the big screen bigger than
Big Ben's hands
in a super suit
Muscle Man is the man
I don't want any other man
I'm his biggest fan
kick and punch
when I'm with my girl
I imagine flying with you

go go superheros go
save the bros
who marvel at your stature
cast your spells
superheros go

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Fuzzy's picture

Oh man, this is so fabulous!
A super savage takedown of all those useless superhero films.
Excellent lyrics for sure.
Gosh your vox are perfect.
Such a catchy chorus!
So lovely.

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My Marvel adoring little gay heart marvel's at this. *___* so glad I could help.

cts's picture

I knew it! I knew you were a Marvel head! Smile

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This is just magic satire. Sequel to the prequel! vocals are superb and the understated backing just hums. So glad I came in! EDIT And back again! Still magic!

How did I miss this song with this title when I was scrolling before? This is so awesome! Lyrics are amusing and the feel of this song is just perfect. I love how laid back it is, such a good vocal performance. The chorus is extremely catchy and sounds lovely. This song is fun and feels good to listen to. I really like this song!

fresh spotless youth's picture

Sequel to the prequel--that made me laugh. That guitar sounds so cool. That opening bit is fantastic, the way it rolls around and around. I just run out of stuff to say. I mean, I guess I'm just a fan. I will pay homage by listening again. I dig the low-key vocal delivery. I came expecting some big phoenixash vocals and got this delicious tune. I'm not sure what tone phoenix was going for. Everything jeustan does sounds earnest to me, or at least deadpan

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Wow, glad I looked back through your "collection" to listen to this one. Great arrangement and really fantastic vocals. A really nice melody to go along with the lyrics. P.S. The lyrics are great, too!!

These are some cool lyrics that as I read them, I could hear all kinds of styles - all with some cool quirkiness to them. And then I heard the music.
And that thing happened where you hear something and you can't imagine it ever being done any other way.
Fun lyrics with this kind of music with these kinds of vocals; a perfect collab result.
This musical style, its just SO what I like to listen to. All the checkboxes.

Zeekle's picture

What a great tune! Really liked the lyrics and the music/vocals just brought them to life.

cts's picture

Well, well, well friends. This is wonderful treat to my ears. That chorus is audio confection and the lyrics are witty, playful and truthful. This has a Foo Fighters vibe that I'm totally diggin' on.

crisp1's picture

Very trippy song, not over the top, though you could've easily gone that way. Some great, offbeat lyrics. I like how you played this!

HelioSonorouS's picture

Nice fun track, lyrics are good and the mood matches the lyrical topic.