So Far Gone

So Far Gone

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Liner Notes: 

So this is *loosely* inspired by the folks in the FAWM Slack chat, as they all seem to abandon me promptly at 10:00 or 11:00 pm THEIR time, leaving me to be bored and lonely for another three hours while I decide whether or not I should even bother to record anything because not one is around to listen anyways. hmphf

Everyone except @rorowe. He's my new BFF, so there!

Well......, it started out about them, and promptly took a left turn into my own issues, or some such nonsense. Whatever, man! hmphf

All that being said, I SUPER dig this refrain. I might just keep it and repurpose it for something fancier.

Forgive my feedback in the second chorus and the sloppy harmonies. In my defense, I was really getting into it, and slightly drunk. (Slightly!) hmphf


I’m used to walkin’ down the street by myself
I’m used to talkin’ to myself and no one else

So far gone, so far to go

It seems I have fallen into this bottle deep
Jack is my only friend, he never lets me sleep

So far gone, so far to go
So far gone, so far to go

I don’t know where I’m going
I don’t know where I’ve been
I don’t know why I keep tryin’
I just spin and spin and spin

It seems I’ve just left Rock Bottom
A few miles back
I can’t see, my eyes keep cryin’
I just crash and crash and crash

So far gone, so far to go
So far gone, so far to go

So if you pass me on the street, please be polite
One of these days I’ll figure out how to be alright

So far gone, so far to go
So far gone, so far to go

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When I read the lyrics I didn't expect such a lively song. Your guitar performance has a great energy and a top vocal performance. OK the harmonies are slightly out here and there but I'm reminded of the Jane Austen quote: "The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance". I agree with you about the refrain. Very catchy. I very much enjoyed the listen.

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I feel judged Wink

I like the melody and the jangle to the guitar a lot. So what the harmony was 'so far gone' in a couple spots-- the raw energy of the performance makes the listener not really mind.

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you have captured a contemporary angst so perfectly in both your writing and performance. when virtual reality is your only reality and it disappears and you realize you have been alone all the time. theres no way back because there was nothing there to begin with. nothing is real that can be turned off and on like a kitchen appliance.

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Great chord progression and a lively performance.
I'm liking the harmonies.
Catchy tune.
The "So far gone, so far to go" refrain is gold for sure.
Yeah, you could turn this one in to something really special.

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I like this one a lot, very catchy. I like the repitition. "So far gone" is a very hooky hook, nicely done there.

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(just woke up...j/k).
The guitar playing is beautiful. I really love how the chord changes are almost seemless.
I can see why you liked the chorus so much! Great look into the void...

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The "So far gone, so far to go" parts are super memorable. Recording drunk sounds like a reasonable thing then.