Why Won't She See?

Why Won't She See?

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Why Won't She See? (50/90 challenge demo)

Liner Notes: 

Part of the second challenge I set for myself, which is to write a mini musical over the course of a few days. (Sorry I'm not uploading the songs in order but when I'm finished I will add a track list so listeners can go through the whole thing if they wish.) It actually stems for a story idea I had as a child about a girl who went through her whole life trying to be "extraordinary" by trying out all these different things and pushing herself to her limits, but never satisfied because she never had any extraordinary accomplishments, and at the end she realized that all her efforts actually made her extraordinary. I suppose it reflected my own tendencies and I wanted to reassure myself that I am great in my own way, so the songs I'm writing are somewhat autobiographical.

This was an interesting one to try to write because it's from the point of view of others. Rather than the perfectionist, it's the point of view of those watching the perfectionist (who is good enough, but can't see it). Also I feel like I ended up with an acoustic version of a '90s rock vibe here, haha. But I kinda like it.


When she was a little girl
She tried everything she could possibly be good at
All the arts, academics and sports
Cooking, gymnastics, short stories and paper crafts
And most of it, she never took to but that wasn't the point
The point was that nobody does that

Why won't she see
She's someone not everybody can be
She's making good progress towards a clear dream
She never settles, she never rests
Never takes a break no matter how good it gets
And she doesn't always hit the bullseye
But she's often not too far
Why won't she see she's already extraordinary

When she first got into this dream
You've never met a person with ambitions so high
Do, do, do with no attention to outcomes
She would go up to strangers she admired for advice
And the failures and embarrassments never lessened the triumph
Dreamers like this are hard to come by

And now through it all she still feels it hasn't been enough
She should've started sooner
She should've been world class, world renowned overnight
But being extraordinary doesn't always have to be so much
Sometimes it's in the spirit and the effort
And she's been extraordinary all her life

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Nothing wrong with a 90s rock vibe (says the guy who was a teenager in the 90s). But yeah, this is totally that. And I like the rhythm and cadence to how the words are delivered-- that's a lot of words in a hurry (I'd be tripping all over myself trying to sing at that speed!). And yeah... the world renowned overnight doesn't happen to enough deserving people. But this is the anthem for an extraordinary woman. Nice work!

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Thanks, if I were to release this I would probably edit the lyrics so they could fit better, or maybe change the tempo or spacing between lines or something. I did *not* master singing them at speed but I did my best, ha.

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The message and lift in this one made me smile. Quite an amazing job of singing those long lines at this tempo too. Whew! Smile Seriously though I hope this one gets furthered because it has such a positive message Yes 3

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That hook line, already extraordinary, hit the bullseye.

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great hook. i do wordy stuff too, i think it sometimes phrases more naturally like that, but can take a bit of instilling the scansion in your head... in yer bones.... but i think this mostly has the promise to do that, your delivery is already great on it and i think with a bit more familiarity with the phrasing and lyrics it would fire off the tongue really well, cos it already does.nice one, such an upbeat song!