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Liner Notes: 

The word Zap came to mind when I saw week 3 was to write a song based on the letter Z. Needs music and vocals.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

Dark eyes holding my gaze
My soul was suddenly ablaze
One look and I became weak
For once I could not speak

Black hair shining in the light
Soft lips causing such delight
One smile I felt I was her prey
Right now I want it to be that way

I'm under her spell
Can everyone tell
Her magic is profound
I'll go without a sound
Z......Zap! Z.....Zap!

I'm caught in her web
Caught up in this
I'll take that step
Don't want to miss

Slow walk right over to me
I will belong to her totally
One touch I'll never be the same
I'm going to love this game

Repeat chorus

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Love this lyric about becoming entwined in the magic of somebody else. I've got some ideas I'd like to throw at this one. May I? Smile

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Well done, super lyric, it'll make a very good song.

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Great lyric that conveys those times when we are captivated by the magic of love or infatuation.

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Love the title and the imagery it evokes. Chorus looks irresistible! Could be a hit!