Rise Up and Praise

Rise Up and Praise

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Liner Notes: 

I have a friend in Uganda that asked if I could write him a song and this is it.. I am trying to help him right now to find help for rebuilding the school there that was destroyed by a flood. He is so faithful, even in the darkest times.


Rise Up and Praise
© 2020 Cindy Prince

To the least of us
To the best of us
God sees everything

To the largest
To the smallest
In gratitude we sing

Rise up and praise
Hearts lifted in song
All the nights and days
We will stay so strong
Rise up and praise
Praise God praise!

God knows our heart and souls
He will take care of our woes

To the newborn
To the old aged
God is always there

To the needy
To the providers
He will always care

Repeat chorus

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Lovely Cindy. I like how you use opposites to address everyone. Very uplifting! I'm sure your friend will appreciate this!

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What an admirable friend you have, and what a gift you've given with these straightforward and poetic words! I saw there's music to this, and I'm going to listen, but I wanted to read how the song started first.