The Day The Singer Songwriters Were Locked In The Basement

The Day The Singer Songwriters Were Locked In The Basement

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Liner Notes: 

Fuzzy sent me the ukelele and melodica tracks. I was intrigued and felt it needed weirdness so I mixed levels with added lyric, vocals, xylophone, an additional melodica part (the outro), and effects. Not quite weird enough to be avant garde but venturing dangerously close.

Fuzzy here:
I sent Andy what I thought was a pretty straightforward uke and Melodica odd-time thing, and he added an extra dose of strangeness.
Usually it's my job to add the weirdness, but he did a fantastic job here!


The Day The Singer Songwriters Were Locked In The Basement

The day the singer-songwriters
Were locked in the basement
They found a melodica

Thirty seven (black and white) keys
Multi-colored case
With a (white) blowtube

The singer-songwriters thought they were in heaven

Then the singer-songwriters found a xylophone (to call their very own)

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Rather interestingly as this song progresses the singer-songwriters develop as characters, rather weird ones, but as much of that is created by the accompaniment as the lyrics, I can almost see them by the end, playing that xylophone sat in the basement thinking they're in heaven. The waxing and waning of the accompaniment works beautiful. Lots of fun.

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I'm so glad they found a melodica while locked in Fuzzy's basement. Helps to pass the time and to create beautiful music Smile Very much enjoyed this.

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I don't know why I am surprised that a collab between the two of you would be even stranger, but I was. That low drone is relentless and compelling.

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back when the real world was interesting, basement cafes would mix poets and songwriters for nights of song and poetry. the songwriters were often envious, though sometimes bored by, the poets..and the poets were , for the most part, contemptuous of the songwriters. this song mught have been written by one of the poets and chantedto a similar arrangement, ala allen ginsberg, to express that contempt in a friendly manner.

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You had me at the title! Biggrin Such a charming idea, made even better by all the lovely weirdness! Thanks for the smiles.

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This is a great anti-folk song! Great collab, I love @Fuzzy's note about not being the one to add more weirdness, ha. It really is weird, but the kind of song you can't turn off before it's over. Don't know if you like them but the vocals actually really remind me of AJJ.

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Awesome collab! Another entry in the Singer Songwriter saga. It builds a lot from the uke intro, lots of great instrumental details and a nice vocal performance over it.

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As a devoted melodica player, I love this ... all the layers really create a strange heaven-type atmosphere ... the switch to xylophone at the end very clever. Surprisingly, Fuzzy's part was the least weird!

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Weirdness and whimsy mix together here very well. I really enjoyed it. Yes I was disappointed nothing fatal happened to the singer songwriters. They seem to get off very lightly in these songs.

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I'm grinning from ear to ear at this one! It's so delightfully ODD! Biggrin

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And so we have the next chapter in the Singer/Songwriter Saga (S³?)

This is delightful. The melodica & uke give this a great bed. Andy's additions give this depth. I love the lyrics. The vocal performance fits this perfectly.

I'll echo the others: it's weird that Fuzzy was not providing the weirdness on this track. But I'm not complaining!

See You In The Shadows…

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Is this a sequel or addendum to Fuzzy's other singer songwriter song? I feel like this story is slowly progressing towards the horror movie challenge. Night of the Living Singer Songwriters.

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I totally love how this follows up on the events of “A Plague of Singer-Songwriters”

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There have been many singer songwriters I wish I could have locked in the basement, when I went to open mics (though many, of course, were wonderful) But isn't it cool to add other instruments! This is such fun!