Fido's Lament

Fido's Lament

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Liner Notes: 

The result of some noodling around on my telecaster this morning with some added vocal from the excellent Spitfire Audio free LABS Choir

*apologies to the late Henry Purcell

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This is amazing! I love how it makes me feel and is beyond lovely!

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Thought provoking, calming and spiritual. Beautiful!

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Soothing, like the choir. But what was Fido lamenting. I think we should be told.

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Very pretty. Poor sad Fido. Always a treat to hear new Pannacotta Army music.

For some strange reason I have the urge to go listen to Dido and Aeneas again now...

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I enjoyed this. It's very relaxing. I can also see a visual of following, perhaps Fido, on his way back home...maybe he's lost and he's checking the alleys and walking past people on the street who are lost like he is....anyway, nicely done!

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Oh, dear. I don't know that I would have associated this with sad and neglected dogs without your title and accompanying picture, but now that's all I can think about. Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA commercials got nothing on you.

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Really nice . I was brought up listening to purcell among others. I see the where yiu are coming from. I must play with spitfire.