Long ago love on a train

Long ago love on a train

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Long Ago Love on a Train
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Plush seats
Eye contact
Small smiles
Down the track

Smooth fedora
Lovely lace
Back in time
Slower pace

Long ago love on a train
The past on the rails
They fell for one another
As it journeyed into Wales
This old man told me his story
With such lovely details
Long ago love on a train

Cup of hot tea
They shared
Wasn't long
Til they cared

Married soon
On the train
Long lasting love
Always remains

Repeat chorus

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Gave me chills! Love the train sounds and the classic sounding song! Thank you so much!

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love the sounds of a gently rolling traiin and the soft wistful nostalgia in the vocal as the keyboards hover above.the vocals are still while the train rolls along, capturing a moment from a landscape and a life in motion.brilliant collab between two of my favorite lyricists and musicians,

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Excellent cindy lyric, one of my favourites. Beautifully Marthie delivered. Well done!

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Cindy I loved this lyric, being a long-distance train tragic. Marthie, you've done it it more justice and lifted into a wonderland. Normally I twitch at ambient sounds added, but the train is just right.

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Aha! Found another one from the "back catalog"! Love the sound effects starting this off. I did a couple songs earlier with some--thanks for reminding me that it definitely adds to the production value.

You know what? This might be my favorite yet of your two. Lovely story, Cindy. Marthie--you definitely have got some Producer "chops". Your simple arrangements are always perfectly balanced, perfectly affected (reverb). Never mind the flawless voice.

Glad I dug back through for this one.