Walk The Walk

Walk The Walk

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Liner Notes: 

I've been working my way through a blues guitar book, and this song came out of playing around with some new scales I had learned.

The lyrics are about a person I know who constantly lies about everything. By the way - I realise that the saying is 'you talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?', but for some reason the song worked better with the saying inverted.,


Yeah, you walk the walk
But do you talk the talk?
And when they say you will
Do you mean you won't?

And when you say you've been
And seen it all
Do you really mean
You've seen fuck all?

Yeah you walk the walk
But do you talk the talk?

Man, you've been a lot of places
And seen a lot of things
But there's just one thing I need to know..

Yeah you walk the walk
But do you talk the talk?

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This is old style rock n roll, really nice guitar on this. Some great licks in there. Love that second verse

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love the auhentuc sound you ge there and the modern vocal and lyric fits unto the mix seamlesslly.

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Great sound. Nice guitar playing.

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This is great, love the guitar and the beat. Those claps on the second verse really add to the feel.

Additional claps! Great Blues playing here, very classic and tasteful. Vocals sound great here also, you got this feel down so well.

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Classic blues & rock 'n roll with some modern grit. Great guitar and vocals--love the addition of the handclaps! Had me dancing in my seat.

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That guitar sounds brilliant!

Haha, tho the song reminds me of Spinal Tap's Gimme Some Money. Biggrin Biggrin Lol

This is great. You nail that classic feel!