Hard to Kill

Hard to Kill

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Liner Notes: 

Started writing with the idea that it would be more meta but it become more maudlin.


I may not make it to fifty
then again, I just may, and
I don't know what I am doing
I may as well say it
that I'll never make it
not even over the hill
and I can't give you fifty when
one is so hard to kill

I'll drown in firey kisses
I'll lose a duel with myself
death is my doorway to more pain
but at least it's somewhere else
but for now I feel nothing
nothing I can describe, but I'll try
fifty times, even though
one is so hard to kill

I've done this over and over
I'm always right where I start
I still don't know what I'm doing
but everyone fakes it
so I may as well make it
yeah roll it over the hill
I'll go fifty more
I guess I'm just hard to kill

I'll go fifty more
I guess I'm just hard to kill

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billwhite51's picture

the first thing that grabbed me was the sound of and the way you play that bass line. your voice and lyrics have a paul simon quality that is very engaging..the lead guitar parts are also tasty.

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Wow, excellent. Not maudlin, just a bit sentimental. Hint of Paul Simon in the vocals. Like it a lot.

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A real nice sounding easy going song.

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I was sorry when this ended. Really enjoying the blend and spacing and juicy attitude of the instruments, and your vocal both so sweet and so nuanced with inflections hovering over it all. Just a real pleasure with touches of added excitement. As for the meta aspect, I love the no promises but not holding back either spirit. Way to face down the fear of getting started, every time!

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I'm with billwhite51 and saltyjohn: you sound like Paul Simon on this track!

Jeuse's picture

Thanks, I like Paul Simon. I thinks it’s the Hard R® I made unwitting use of in this song.

Another excellent track, that electric acoustic mix is so great. Remarkable Rockabilly type guitar. There was something to the delivery of the "Death is my door way to more pain" that really stood out to me. and the way this goes into the instrumental sections. Just fantastic.

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Lovely vocals and delivery. I like the laid-back feel of this, and that hand percussion is perfect. I too agree with the Paul Simon comparison. Very nice.

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I like that tag line. That's a good line. You are really good at the production side of things and you are also have an excellent way of playing with words. It's clear how much you enjoy this.