Maniac Cops

Maniac Cops

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Liner Notes: 

estrella joins me in this hat on the bed satire of police activity. or maybe it isnt sature.


A cop is a criminal who has risen un the ranks
The outlaw who becomes the law
If he can rise above the law, he becomes a politician
Receives diplomatic immunity
He may be a person of interest in 84 murder cases
But he us nnever indicted because no judge will convict him
Because he is the judges boss

Black people say they cannot breathe
White folks dont breathe any better
Cops kill indiscriminately
They dont care what race you are
All people are excuses for cops to use their liscence to kill

If it wasnt for the coppers, we would not need policing
If t wasnt for the railroad law, there wouldnt be any crime
If ut wasnt for the pigs, there would be food enough for all
If the police were not armed, the people would not need to carry guns

Every day we live in fear of maniac cops

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Hmmm... not sure how much is satire here... lots of pointed punches that speak with a whispers of truth at the very least!

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I'm liking your Fugs-like "screw the Man" approach here.
Blisteringly funny, but not really funny, if ya know what I mean.
That screaming cracks me up.
Simply fabulous tune.
One of my 50/90 favourites so far this summer!

I don't agree with the 2nd verse at all - At least in the states, the cops are very discriminating (and have qualified immunity). Otherwise, right on! I loving the yelling during the hook!

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I appreciate the manic fun here, though I imagine you know you're painting with the broadest possible brush, a roller really. The first three lines are my favorites

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Yeah thinly disguised satire. Sounds like a truth to me. Big delivery.

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Satire often speaks truer than the usual modes of communication because it can hide behind the auspices of comedy. Thankfully we have Satire and Art that can point out the parts of life that need improvement.

The screaming is a perfect touch!

See You In The Shadows…

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Biting satire..yummy! And if it weren't for the pigs there be enough food for all. TRUTH! Filed under vegansong.

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This feels much more like the truth than satire. Very effective lyrics and and performance.

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Great acapella ... sounds very weird with words like "84 murder cases"! Estrella's contributions are fabulous!