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2020 07 13 Mask

Liner Notes: 


what if the truth had always been the lie
would that blow your mind
what if the good guy never wore white
would you be mystified

there's a war in the streets
can you tell the time
do your days while away
in the seduction line

looking for a mask
in the middle of alcatraz
has no one ever escaped
this menagerie this maze

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you raise sme provacatve questions in your lyric.when all sides have a different lie to make you believe un, rational thought becomes impossible. really nice blues guitar playing is the only truth

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Just gonna second Bill with this one! that man has a way with words Smile

and what was that? you looked like you might of been enjoying yourself a little that time! hahah
nice work with whatever your doing drums with too! Really liked the little almost out of control bits towards the end

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3rd bill. I can listen to this bluesy stuff all day. More than a bit of Doors here!