Haunted Moon

Haunted Moon

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2020 07 13 Haunted Moon

Liner Notes: 


it's the haunted moon
when you gonna bury me in an august swoon
monsoon follows right along
maybe i go to heaven
surrounded by all kinds of pretty women
with a blunt in my hand
singing this be the promised land

under that haunted moon
what is a poor boy to do
they give us no place
they give us no say
we have to figure it out on our own anyway

always be a pro
that's what this old sometime soul
will tell you young man
stand up and take it the best you can
grab that gal and make your way
across the threshold to the promised land

the haunted moon you can take it or leave it
but with every breath you gotta try to achieve
don't pay no mind to whatever became of the likes of me
you keep your nose to the grindstone you're going to succeed

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dzd's picture

Gotta say......I'm just loving your videos Smile
This is cyberrock... hah! at its finest...I'm assuming Biggrin

Really nice bluesy roots to this as well, especially in some licks and lyrics especially.
Not that it's anything very similar, but can't help think of Jon Spencer Blues Xplosion...

coolparadiso's picture

Yeah im with dzd. Not usually a video fan, i like to listen, but your low fi videos are great. Love the guitar. Great song. A real blast from my past