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Liner Notes: 

Threw this goof together to get the ball rolling. Enjoy!


we saw the wild birds up in the sky
where do they fly with they trash the scene?
sung to the wild birds up in the sky and they laughed
they think I'm gonna crash

Hazmats in the wilderness
We're coming to deploy the drones
Stay next to the ones you recognize
and don't get lost cause we won't come and find you

rusted machines are raking the leaves
they've got badges and infrared beams
they'll take your temperature and read you a book
when you get tired of sinatra then they'll sing you sam cooke

hazmats on the downtown train
we're coming to release the mist
keeps the ferns healthy and very alive
so don't go steppin on the pretty hills

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Experimental always gets me interested. Cool tonality, nice mix, the upfront acoustic, accents on electric, the warbly sounds in the distance. I really like the acoustic groove gluing it together.

The story... I'm listening. I'm with you. But not right with you necessarily. Birds. Bird calls. Sinatra and Sam Cooke...

Fun listen all around though.

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Those squiggly noises in the back are weirding me out in the headphones.
Which is good.
Great guitar work; excellent choices there.
Yeah, I really enjoyed this a lot.

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I hear the influence of so many different styles here--love it! Engaging melody and instrumentation, as well as great dystopian-ish lyrics that manage to be amusing and unsettling at the same time.

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abstract jazz feel is very cool. Like the effect on voice, Hendricks. Nice tune.