So Good

So Good

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Liner Notes: 

I started singing these lyrics as soon as I read them. Thank you, @cindyrella!

Not usually a piano player, but the song begged for it, so I gave it what it wanted.


So Good
© 2020 Cindy Prince

From that first look you took me down
Down where love gets real
From that first touch I felt I'd drown
In the deepest water of ocean teal

From that first kiss I was like a kitten
Purring for more and more
From that first night I was smitten
I was deep in like never before

It's love
It's lust
I must have all of you
It's good, so good
It's you
It's me
Do you see baby
Love me like you should

You taste like no other
Be my forever lover

From that first time I was filled
With passion on fire
From that first weekend I was thrilled
With such unrelenting desire

Repeat chorus

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Sultry lyric, melody and delivery. Oh that walking bass line!

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Jazzy and snazzy! Excellent vocals and mood. Perfect! Thanks!

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This is really great!!’ I love that jazzy music! Very cool and perfect for the wonderful lyrics! Love it!!’

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Nice job. Love the finger snaps, and the slightly distant piano. And the sweet harmonies.

I've been here too, the story resonates with me for sure. When it's right it's right.

Nice ending too, lots of power in the delivery, the pacing, the space.

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Holy cow. What a great jazzy piano line and the snaps and the vocals just ... sell it! AMAZING.

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This is so sassy and cool...great lyrics and fabulous vocals with so much potential!

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That’s a great lyric by Cindy, and I love the flavor of the musical setting! Totally bowled over by the way the bridge was extended with a free reign. Terrific collab!

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Wonderful catchy song! A great Cindy lyric, and exquisite music, vocals & harmonies, and all the little flourishes. Wink

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My two main musical genres for 50/90 have been country and jazz--an odd combination, probably. THIS is GREAT JAZZ!!

I think Cindy's lyrics always bring out the best in whoever collaborates with her. You did a bang up job with this. PERFECT vocal!

That is a DELIGHTFUL simple little piano part. Really glad I dug back through old songs and found this today. Great job!!