Truly Amazing

Truly Amazing

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Liner Notes: 

Response to the Fake It challenge basically to put my own music and arrangement to a lead sheet (or fake book if you will and you don't know the) song written with only lyrics and chords and no other musical cues.


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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sounded like everytime we say goodbye from the first chords.

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I like the deep contemplative feel... the backing strings were a nice touch too. A very romantic sounding version.

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Lovely in the headphones.
That bass tone that creeps in there is aces.
And the organ(?) lurking in back really fills out the sound.
I'm also liking your laid-back guitar style here.
The Mellotron-like strings are a nice addition.
Well done!

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So much going on beneath here. I love it's disconcerting beauty. The guitar sounds almost like a mountain dulcimer with the Nashville tuning.

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Oooh, from strummed to picked. I like that feel. This is a cool take. I like your arrangement, too. I know in the chat you mentioned possibly adding other elements, but this seems to work pretty darn well for me. I would say your version has a nice pace, but it's in stark contrast to my rocking (and therefore shorter) version. I also cut the first chorus in half, so....

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I too really dig the going from strummed to picked....Nashville tune always a nice touch...I don't have enough guitars or would always keep one or two in it. I'd need about 20+ to keep up with all my tunings Smile Do really also like how laid back and easy you took this...really gives it a cool vibe, that organy stringy background sounds great! I have a feeling I'm going to keep feeling worse while I go listen to all these now......for basically playing it as I read it through first time haha. I did play chorus/verse once before I pushed record.

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This sounds really cool! Love the contrast between the sparse guitar on the verses with the fullness of the chorus. Nice job!